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Color: Grey

Built-up waterproofing system for flat roofs

  • Fully adhered liquid built-up system
  • BBA Approved
  • Smooth finish
  • Rubber solvent based
Base: min 1 lt/m2
Topcoat: min 0.75 lt/m2

A rubber-based, cold-applied top coat/base coat demonstrating outstanding characteristics. For use as part of a reinforced built-up system. In conjunction with Polyshield Scrim, it forms a fully-adhered, monolithic single-ply membrane for larger, all-over roofs where greater life expectancy is required.

Data sheets

Polyshield Reinforced Waterproofing System
Polyshield Primer
Universal QD Primer-Sealer
Reinforcing Scrim
Polyshield Adhesion/Pulling Test
External Corner Build Up
Internal Corner Build Up
Pipe Penetration Build Up
Rainwater Outlet Build Up
External and Internal Corner Scrim Details

Safety data sheets

Polyshield Basecoat SDS
Polyshield Topcoat SDS
Polyshield Primer SDS
Reinforcing Scrim SDS


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