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Waterproofing / Protecting / Renovating

PU Sports Floor Coating

Water-based polyurethane sports sufrface topcoat and line marker

PU Sports Coating_20L_Tin

Long lasting, high performance, two-pack coating

Both enhances the appearance of sports surfaces whilst giving them a finish that withstands even the heaviest of traffic.

Key benefit

Extremely durable, safe finish in rich, deep colours

Finish: matt (can be overcoated with clear seal)
Colour: black, white, yellow, green, blue, red and orange
Pack size: 1 litre
Substrate: wood, sealed wood and vinyl. Particularly suitable for sports halls.
Type: water based
Application method: brush or foam roller


100m per litre @ 50mm line widths.
120m per litre @ 38mm line widths.

Excellent chemical resistance

Ideal for heavy traffic areas


SALES/TECHNICAL LINE: +44 (0) 1606 834015