Smooth, cold applied rubber based waterproofing topcoat

Developed specifically for refurbishment and overlay applications where greater life expectancy is needed. Cold applied so no hot works on roof – just one coat over primed surfaces protects for up to 10 years. Flexible and highly elastic with excellent adhesion to almost any wall or roof substrate.

Key benefit

One coat over primed surfaces for a longer-lasting, seamless finish

Finish: smooth
Colour: Grey, black and solar reflective white
Pack size: 5 litre and 20 litre containers
Substrate: concrete and masonry, plywood, metal, fibreglass, asphalt – please see data sheet for full details
Type: rubber solvent-based
Application method: roller or brush


0.8 lt/m2 – 1.5 lt/m2 depending on surface

Year life expectancy

Water repellent


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