Flooring Contractors


Coatings currently popular with flooring contractors

Block Paving Sealer

Ideal for garden path and patios.


Concrete Floor Sealer

100% acrylic formulation for dust-free concrete surfaces.


Walkway Safety Coating

Polymer beads provide outstanding slip resistance for walkway reassurance.


Marking Paint

Provides clear demarcation areas across a wide range of applications.


Our advanced products for protecting and enhancing floors cover an extremely wide range of applications. They include:

Block Paving Sealer, an acrylic clear sealer for protecting and enhancing areas such as garden paths and patios

Concrete Floor Sealer for industrial and commercial use

Walkway Safety Coating and Marking Paint for colouring cycle ways and pedestrian refuges, renewing and protecting driveways and providing clear demarcation for indoor floors, corridors and offices.

Technical support

Our technical team is always available to help you with any issues on which you might welcome a second opinion – please call us with any questions.

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