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Anti-vandal paint

Anti-vandal paint


Soft and slippery non-drying deterrent

Designed to deter vandals and trespassers. Specially formulated to stay soft and slippery, for use on a wide range of structures. Solvent free, non-drying and eco-friendly.

Key benefit

Soft and slippery non-drying deterrent

Finish: non-drying gloss
Colour: black
Pack size: 1lt, 2.5­­lt and 5lt packs
Substrate: drain pipes, sills, tops of walls and fences, telegraph poles, lamp posts and pylons – please see data sheet for full details
Type: solvent free
Application method: brush or mitt


1.2 – 1.6m2/lt depending on substrate



7ft above ground


Material Safety Sheet: please contact our head office for details

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