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Universal QD Primer-Sealer

Universal QD Primer-Sealer


Allows priming and topcoating in one day

For priming weathered single-ply membranes including EPDM, PVC, Hypalon, TPO roof membranes and Plastisol coated substrates. Easy to use, quick drying, gives maximum surface adhesion to single-ply membranes.

Key benefit

Allows priming and topcoating in one day

Finish: slight glaze
Colour: amber-brown
Pack size: 5 litre metal rectangular container
Substrate: weathered single ply membranes
Application method: roller or brush


up to 0.1lt/m2 – 1.5 lt/m2 (equivalent to 10m2/lt)



Material Safety Sheet: please contact our head office for details

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