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Concrete Floor Sealer

Concrete Floor Sealer


100% acrylic formulation for dust-free concrete surfaces

Low viscosity product for excellent penetration of the pores of the substrate. Ideal for treatment of concrete floors in factories, warehouses, kitchens, food processing areas, garages, workshops, production and plant areas. Produces a subtle surface sheen.

Key benefit

Easy and safe to apply, produces a sealed dustproof floor

Finish: smooth
Colour: Milky white when applied, clear when cured
Pack size: 5 litre and 20 litre containers
Substrate: concrete, sand/cement floor screeds, blockwork, rendered walls
Type: 100% acrylic
Application method: soft brush or broom, nylon pile roller or squeegee


From 8 to 10m3/lt
2 coats



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